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The Board of Directors has appointed several committees to promote the goals of our community.
  • Architectural Review Committee (ARC)
  • Landscape (oversees common area landscape maintenance)
  • Pond/Stormwater Management
  • Communications (website, newsletter)
  • Social
  • Compliance Committee
These committees are currently in need of members to provide leadership and guidance for our community. Please contact your Community Association Manager if you are interested in contributing your skills, interests and time--no experience necessary and your part will make a difference in keeping Nookachamp Hills a beautiful and vibrant place to live and play.
ARC Committee
ARC Committee Members please use this underlined link to conduct ARC committee business.
Architectural Review Committee (ARC) Requests
  1. New Homes. Please see the ARC New Home Checklist document to help understand the new home criteria for ARC review. Provide 2 copies of the new home plans for ARC review. Check with Dan Mitzel to understand the specifics for the review package. Please mail or hand-deliver the ARC review copies to the ARC New Homes Coordinator:                                                       
  2. Nookachamp Hills HOA/ARC Review
    P.O. Box 704
    Mount Vernon WA 98273

    Dan will coordinate review for a new home ARC determination, ask for clarifications if necessary, and will notify the requestor upon ARC request determination.
  3. Existing Homes. Existing homeowner property improvements or maintenance actions with community impact (e.g. painting) require ARC approval to ensure community standards are met. Please review the ARC Process document that defines the request through approval process. The ARC Guidelines document will provide some guidelines for your project.
  4. Please download and utilize the ARC Request Form for an existing residence property improvement request.
Please send the completed form in .pdf format to:
You may alternatively mail your ARC application and supporting documents to:
Nookachamp Hills HOA
c/o Blue Lake Property Management
P.O. Box 704
Mount Vernon WA 98273
Please consult the CC&Rs and associated documents pertaining to ARC requests.  All applications are subject to a 30-day review period, however, most applications are reviewed and a decision rendered in a short turn-around time.  If you have not received a response in a timely manner, please contact your Community Association Manager.