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Welcome to Nookachamp Hills!
Our community is located in rural Skagit County but we have the homeowner benefits of a city. As of April 20168, we are a community of about 230 residences. Our Planned Unit Development has 252 lots. The lots without residents either have homes being built or are available for building a home. So we are close to transitioning to a fully mature community.
A map of Nookachamp Hills is located here.
In addition to the home site properties (lots), the community has a number of trails, green space tracts, and access lanes. Otter Pond is a distinguishing feature of the community. The pond and creek separate the mature Divisions I, II to the west and the newer Divisions III, IV on the east side of the community.
Our association legal name is "Nookachamp Hills Planned Unit Development Homeowners Association". We are compliant with applicable federal, state and county laws. The association is governed locally as defined in association specific documents.
- If you are merely browsing on the web, enjoy the photos at the top of the website. These photos were all taken within a half mile of our community.
- If you are new to the community, please contact us through our Community Association Manager to become an association member. A Newcomer Services document defines the available services for Nookachamp Hills.
- If you are visiting someone here, enjoy, but please respect the homeowners and the community. Otter Pond is private and is attractive, but you must be accompanied by a resident to use the pond. You may park at your host or on the side of the county roads/streets. Here is a link to Pond Rules to familiarize and help you as needed.
Thank You!
Nookachamp Hills HOA
Nookachamp Hills has a history of how it came to be. Stories may be shared or referred to here as they become available from members and other sources.
One particular story regards Otter Pond history. Mr. Robert Miller related his memories from working at Otter Pond in this Otter Pond History document. Please click on the link to read it.