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April 2021 Update
Posted on Apr 26th, 2021

The following is the final and definitive information regarding the fire districts and response for the Nookachamp Hills development. This information was provided by John Bergstrom, a retired communication professional with experience in 911 activities. No other information or discussion is warranted and the Nookachamp Hills HOA Board remains neutral on this matter.

The Fire District maps for District 9 and District 4 were examined. The map for District 9 shows coverage for all Nookachamp West of Otter Pond with additional coverage to a portion of the residents East and Southeast of Otter Pond including Big Fir Place. As you cross the bridge and continue East and North on Nookachamp Hills Drive, the District 9 map shows coverage up to address 24210 on the right and address 24215 on the left. From that point on, the rest of the community is mapped as District 4.

In discussion with long-term friends (Geoff Almvig and Helen Rasmussen) who work for Skagit County, they shared that fire, medical emergencies and police response are provided to all Nookachamp Hills by the same response entities regardless of their designated fire district. They shared that the responders have mutual aid agreements to cover mapping issues such as the two fire districts designated in our community.  They also volunteered to assist us on any other public safety questions we may have. We do have two fire districts mapped into our community, but they have worked out a mutual aid agreement regarding response from our local fire house.

It is believed the districts have worked this out with Skagit 911 when our community expanded to the East side of Otter Pond, this matter is resolved.

Signs reminding residents to keep their dogs under leash control will be placed in and around the Otter Pond area. This is in response to recent and numerous complaints brought to the attention of the HOA Board regarding less than friendly encounters of residents with dogs, and owners, while on walks around the pond and elsewhere in the development.

Several years ago, the Rules and Regulations regarding pet control were amended to include the specific point of having a pet under Leash Control. Verbal control alone is insufficient to satisfy this regulation. These signs also remind dog walkers to pick up pet waste at the pond and elsewhere along our roadways. This problem has become more prevalent with warmer and nicer weather. Please pick up the waste and place in your own home trash container, not the green waste container.

The Board recognizes these situations are within the domain of pet owners and it is a reality that we must spend our HOA assessments to remind those who ignore their responsibility.

The Board is considering the formation of a volunteer Maintenance group who can address miscellaneous and minor maintenance jobs such as sign post installation, trail repair, dock repair, etc. These types of jobs could easily be taken of by able bodied residents with minimal to no risk of injury or damages. This would negate the need to hire a high-cost maintenance crew at an uncertain time frame and/or quality level. The whole purpose is to reduce our expenses pursuant to the Board’s mandate of cost-effective maintenance within the development. Resident thoughts are welcomed.

Speeding and texting continue to be a problem in the development. The Board has received many comments regarding speeding and texting on Nookachamp Hills and Trout Drives. The HOA has no authority on County roads in this neighborhood and it can only appeal to the good nature of resident drivers to not speed or text while driving.