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Welcome to the Nookachamp Hills HOA website. 

About Us
Nookachamp Hills is a community of single family residences nestled in the foothills of the Cascade Range in Northwest Washington. We are six miles east of downtown Mount Vernon, just east of Big Lake. Enter our community on Nookachamp Hills Drive off WA9.
The objectives of our association are maintaining and improving association property, collaborating with homeowners to ensure compliance to community standards, fostering community social interaction, and providing association self governance. Additional details are on the Visitors page.
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News Articles
New documents added for HOA members
Posted on Jul 31st, 2020
June 2020 Board Meeting Minutes
July 2020 Newsletter
January 2020 Board Meeting Minutes 
May 2020 Board Meeting Minutes
2018 Financial Audit
2019 Financial Audit
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Annual Meeting Summary
Posted on Mar 3rd, 2020
The Nookachamp Hills HOA held its annual meeting and election on February 26, 2020, at the Big Lake Fire Station. 
HOA Board and Management Changes
Posted on Oct 19th, 2017
When submitting by mail, ANY KIND OF DOCUMENT found on this website, to the Nookachamp Hills HOA or Blue Lake Management, please be sure to use the Post Office address below. Failure to do so may delay response to your correspondence.
Contact information:
Blue Lake Property Management or
Nookachamp Hills HOA
P.O. Box 704
Mount Vernon WA 98273
Office 360-336-8999

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Board Meeting
Wednesday, August 26th, 6:30pm
Board Meetings are held at the Big Lake Fire Hall at 6:30pm
Board Meeting
Wednesday, September 23rd, 6:30pm
Board Meetings are held at the Big Lake Fire Hall at 6:30pm
Board Meeting
Wednesday, October 28th, 6:30pm
Board Meetings are held at the Big Lake Fire Hall at 6:30pm
Board Meeting
Wednesday, November 25th, 6:30pm
Board Meetings are held at the Big Lake Fire Hall at 6:30pm

Volunteer Work Reimbursement
Volunteers seeking reimbursements from the Association for materials/labor must first seek approval from the Board of Directors. You may submit your request to the Community Association Manger to bring to the board's attention, or attend an open Board meeting and make your request during the open forum portion prior to the meeting start. This directive is pursuant to the 21 September 2016 Board of Directors meeting. (Meeting minutes are available by selecting the Members Only Document link on the MEMBERS page.)
Common Area Maintenance Committee Volunteers Sought
The HOA is looking for "Common Area Maintenance Committee" volunteers. The Committee's focus is on Otter Pond and common area storm water management, utilizing Department of Ecology and Skagit County Stormwater Management guidelines and mandates. Topics this committee might also address include security, vandalism, pond access, parking, improvements, etc. If you are interested in volunteering please use the Contact Us page on the NHH web and contact the Community Association Manager or talk to a board member. 

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